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Building Momentum

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

We live in a culture so focused on instant gratification, where article headlines read “Have 2% body fat in just 30 days”, or “Cut everything unhealthy out of your diet overnight.” *Full disclosure, this is not a get fit quick scheme. This article is to help you introduce changes into your life in a smooth, easy, healthy progression to improve yourself at a steady rate.

People tend to jump into new diets, exercise regiments, life changes, etc. in full force. Sometimes your body just isn’t made for drastic change all at once. Instead of diving in head first, dip your toes in and try this strategy to ease into something new.

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3, literally!

Starting anything new is a scary thought and is very easy to put off to tomorrow. But what if it is just 1? I can handle 1 today: one push up, one minute of cardio, eliminating one bad thing from my diet. Why am I resisting just a simple minute to do one thing that will help me in the long run? Okay, I am in… Tomorrow hits, now what? Well, it’s just 2. I did 1 yesterday and 2 isn’t that much more work, is it? If I skip today, then what was the point of yesterday?

By taking this approach, you will be slowly conditioning yourself to something new, in a manner that is difficult to push aside. By continuing on a slow incremental path, you will be able to conquer anything that is staring you down. A small feat is a feat nonetheless and it will make you feel good and motivated, without tearing you apart and making you feel overwhelmed and defeated. In just 30 days, you will have integrated this new task so seamlessly into your life; it will be like it was always there.

This regimen is not meant to end at 30 days, but instead stay stagnant at the number 30. It is now a 30 minute or item task that just finds its way into your daily routine. Do you feel like this task is well integrated and is improving your lifestyle? Now it is time to start onto another change with the same integration plan.

The best part is, this can pertain to anything in your life and does not only have to be used exclusively for health and fitness. Here are a few items you can choose from to get you started for your 1-2-3 challenge:

Exercise and Diet:

Cardio (min), swimming (min), sit-ups (item), push-ups (item), crunches (item), weights (lbs or min), jumping jacks (item), walk/run (min), cleaning diet (item)


Read a book (min), write in a journal (min), catch up with old friends (min), clean (item or min), self-pampering (item or min), learn a language (min)

In one year's time you can have up to 12 new items that are integrated into your daily life, making you feel better and more productive, with little effort in the beginning. It all starts today at 1!

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