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Image by Álvaro Serrano
Company Mission Statement

Blaze Therapeutics specializes in nutraceutical research and development of Cannabis derivatives and other naturally derived therapeutic products. Blaze Therapeutics is dedicated to discovering solutions for rare and medically complex conditions.

Labeling Accuracy Issues of Holistic Products and Dietary Supplements Sold Online and In Stores

The holistic product and dietary supplement industry continues to go unregulated, regularly selling fraudulent and toxic products branded as "vitamins" to consumers seeking to improve their overall health and wellness.


Several of these products contain pesticides, heavy metals, toxic residual solvents and can cause permanent harm to the body, especially when consumed on a regular, consistent basis.


Upon its founding in 2019, Blaze Therapeutics was the first Responsible Distribution company dedicated to serving the holistic product and dietary industry. Regularly testing and evaluating dietary supplements and holistic branded products sold across the marketplace. 


We do our research and invest on safety and efficacy.

As more and more people pursue access to health and wellness products, the cost to access health and wellness products continues to climb. The people who rely on therapeutic products that do what their labels claim, seem to have to pay a premium to obtain access to products that their body simply needs to function. Members of the rare disease, disability, neurodiverse and medically complex communities often seek holistic therapeutic alternatives to address chronic, life-altering symptoms that most struggle to financially afford. 


Additionally, these same people suffering from compromised immune systems (whether the issue is an autoimmune component or an immunosuppressant issue) cannot afford to ingest products contaminated with pesticides, harmful levels of residual solvents, and other toxins like heavy metals and microbiology.


This is why the founders of Blaze Therapeutics, established the world's first Responsible Distribution company, encouraging all customers to read labels and to ask questions. 


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