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Blaze Therapeutics specializes in plant-based products and solutions. With a detailed focus on the needs and demands of the rare disease, US Veteran, and professional healthcare communities, Blaze Therapeutics is determined to offer access to products that improve health, wellness, quality of life and our environment. Blaze Therapeutics is a New Love Venture and operates on the premise that the beauty of life is amplified through the pursuit and attainment of good health, wellness and the unification of humanity.

Blaze Therapeutics is comprised of a team of experts concentrated from the healthcare, patient advocacy, nutraceutical and Cannabis industries. Blaze Therapeutics is dedicated to establishing a responsible holistic product industry and regularly engages in partnerships with key stakeholders dedicated to the same.

Did you know?

Labeling Accuracy of Hemp Extracts (CBD) Sold Online and In Stores

There is a growing consumer demand for cannabidiol (CBD), a variety of products derived from the Cannabis plant, due to its purported medicinal benefits for a myriad of health conditions. Plant-derived extracts, suspended in oil, tincture formulations, and vaporization liquids, represent most of the retail market for CBD and other phytocannabinoid products. Unfortunately, the inadequate regulation and oversight of the Cannabis has led to inaccurate label claims and dangerous products with high levels of harmful toxins being readily sold to consumers online and at gas stations, CBD shops, and other retailers throughout the country. To ensure the accuracy of the representativeness of the products sold through Blaze Therapeutics, Blaze Therapeutics only distributes products that qualify for Responsible Distribution and have undergone unbiased third party testing.


Blaze Therapeutics qualifies as an unbiased third party company because none of the voting members of the executive team at Blaze Therapeutics have any financial interests in the brands of any CBD products. Additionally, Blaze Therapeutics is not a brand owner nor does it manufacture any CBD products. Being an unbiased third party allows Blaze Therapeutics to maintain an impartial position amongst manufacturers and brand owners. When a product fails laboratory testing, Blaze Therapeutics will not have to face the financial dilemma that all manufacturers face when needing to discard contaminated products. Thus, removing the risk of distributing harmful products to wholesale vendors and customers. CBD products sold by Blaze Therapeutics are accompanied by an unbiased third party Certificate of Analysis (COA) [paid for by Blaze Therapeutics] to ensure all wholesale vendors and customers are receiving products that are accurately labeled, free of harmful toxin levels, and classify as having a high therapeutic potential.

Is Your CBD Trustworthy?

As consumers explore holistic products derived from plants, like hemp-derived CBD, they quickly learn that not all products are created equal. Members of the rare disease and Veteran communities seeking holistic therapies for chronic symptoms cannot financially afford to consume products whose formulations do not qualify as offering a high therapeutic potential. Additionally, individuals suffering from compromised immune systems cannot afford to consume products contaminated with pesticides, residual solvents and other toxins like heavy metals and microbiology. In order to avoid purchasing a CBD product that does not meet its label's claims, make sure you purchase Responsibly Distributed CBD products. Blaze Therapeutics is a Responsible Distribution company and encourages all customers to consume responsibly and to ask questions.


Unfortunately, 80% of products that undergo Unbiased 3rd Party testing by Blaze Therapeutics fail and must subsequently be sent back to their corresponding manufacturers and brand owners, none of which have issued recalls. Blaze Therapeutics believes in a system of checks and balances.  It is important that each CBD product undergo unbiased 3rd party testing. Do not confuse unbiased third party testing for third party lab tested claims. When a product is third party lab tested (not to be confused with unbiased third party testing), the testing is outsourced to a laboratory. In order to differentiate if a product has been unbiased third party tested, you have to ask for the product's COA and identify the company that paid for the lab tests. If the company is the same company that owns the product's brand, then that product has not undergone unbiased third party testing and could very well have harmful levels of toxins and/or not meet label claims. 


Responsibly Distributed CBD is the best choice for those seeking high quality, thoroughly tested, CBD products. Responsibly Distributed CBD products can be identified by the Responsibly Distributed seal. If your local shops doesn't care Responsibly Distributed CBD, tell them to contact us. Responsibly Distributed CBD can be found online here (while supplies last).

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