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Do you know what is in your CBD?

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Blaze Therapeutics is not just another CBD company. Blaze Therapeutics is a master distribution company that services doctors, pharmacies, wellness centers, and other health focused companies and organizations throughout the United States.

A primary mission of Blaze Therapeutics is to provide guidance on which CBD products available on the open market are of quality and have a high therapeutic potential. Before a product is made available for distribution and/or online, it must pass unbiased third party laboratory testing before it is accepted as a candidate for Responsible Distribution.

It is important to note that on average 80% of all CBD products fail unbiased third party laboratory testing for a variety of reasons. Currently, no regulatory agency exists to report which batch/lots fail for toxic contaminants, microbiology, and/or labeling issues. So when a batch/lot fails testing and is sent back to the manufacturer, the manufacturer is under no obligation to initiate a recall. In fact, most manufacturers simply re-distribute those failed products to other distributors and vendors that do not practice Responsible Distribution.

Each hemp derived product distributed by Blaze Therapeutics comes with an Unbiased third party Certificates of Analysis (COA). The results of the COA from the manufacturer is called Outsourced Laboratory Testing if the manufacturer sends their products to a separate laboratory or is called In-house Laboratory Testing if the manufacturer conducts its own laboratory testing. Outsourced and/or In-house laboratory tests are paid for by the manufacturer of the products and are at times fraudulently modified to suit the manufacture's claims made on the product's label.

In contrast, the results of an unbiased third party COA (paid for by an unbiased company like Blaze Therapeutics) is called Unbiased Third Party Testing. Because Blaze Therapeutics is not a manufacturer of any products and does not have any financial interests in any brands, Blaze Therapeutics qualifies as an unbiased third party. Unfortunately, several manufacturers claim that their products are third party tested when in fact they are outsourced or in-house laboratory tested. 80% of CBD products that claim to be third party tested, fail Blaze's unbiased third party testing for toxins, inaccurate CBD concentration, labeling issues, etc. All products distributed by Blaze Therapeutics are unbiased third party tested and receive a Responsibly Distributed stamp for easy identification.

Blaze Therapeutics primarily serves healthcare companies (doctor offices, pharmacies, wellness centers and institutions, etc.) and will occasionally make products available online directly to consumers. There is such a strong demand from the medical community for Responsibly Distributed products that inventory sells out rapidly. Blaze Therapeutics has expanded its ask of manufacturers in order to meet this demand.

If you are a manufacturer looking to have your product Responsibly Distributed, complete the Distribution Application.

If you are a healthcare professional that wants to ensure that your patients are receiving products that have been thoroughly tested by an unbiased third party distributor, as well as remain up to date on Cannabis Medicine resources and dosage guidelines, submit a Wholesale Inquiry.

If you are a concerned consumer that wants to make sure you are receiving a product that is accurately labeled, visit the Blaze Therapeutics Online Shop.

As a general rule of thumb, if you have incorporated CBD into your health regimen, be sure to consult with your doctor about your use of CBD. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us at

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