Not just another fish in the sea.

Why Blaze Therapeutics is different...

Blaze Therapeutics supports two cannabis focused markets.


Research & Development of a Cannabis Derived Nutraceutical 

Blaze Therapeutics supports the drug development process utilizing the pathway towards FDA approval of cannabis based therapeutics and adjunct therapies for rare conditions. 


The Open Market

Blaze Therapeutics supports open market distribution of cannabis based therapeutics through Cannabis medicine education, the Responsible Distribution model and the Unbiased Third Party Testing program.

We care about 

improving & protecting



What is responsible distribution?

Blaze Therapeutic continuously searches the open market for a variety of cannabis derived products derived from hemp, as legally defined by current U.S. federal laws.

Once a product is identified as having a strong potential for being a therapeutic product, it enters Blaze Therapeutic's Responsible Distribution facility.

At the Responsible Distribution facility, a product from each batch/lot is pulled and sent to an ISO certified laboratory to undergo unbiased third party testing. 

Unbiased Third Party COAs (certificates of analysis) are paid for by an unbiased company, that is not the manufacturer of the product, and of which does not possess any conflicts of interest to affect its unbiased position. In order for a company to qualify as an unbiased 3rd party, the company cannot manufacture any of its own products. Blaze Therapeutics is an unbiased 3rd party company.

Should the batch/lot test positive for any toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, microbiology, incorrect cannabinoid concentrations, or have any other issues with inaccurate label claims that are not allowed by law and/or substantiated by the unbiased third party COA obtained by Blaze Therapeutics, the entire batch/lot is returned to the manufacturer. 

80% of CBD products FAIL laboratory testing for high levels of toxins and/or inaccurate cannabinoid content when compared to its label claims.

Should the batch/lot pass Unbiased Third Party Testing, the entire batch/lot receives the Responsibly Distributed seal and then gets distributed to pharmacies, doctor offices, hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, CBD shops, and health & wellness shops located throughout the United States.

Blaze Therapeutics' online shop provides online shoppers with access to excess Responsibly Distributed inventory. While Blaze Therapeutics' Responsible Distribution model primarily caters to health conscious brick & mortar businesses (i.e pharmacies, clinics, doctor offices, etc.), the online shop allows Blaze Therapeutics to make over-flow inventory available direct to consumers that are interested in purchasing hemp derived products that have undergone Unbiased 3rd Party Testing by Blaze Therapeutics.

As we reach for the sky,

we vow to stay committed to

serving & protecting

the lives that rely on our morality and competence.

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