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"Not just another fish in the sea."

Blaze Therapeutics is different.


All products are tested to ensure they are not fraudulent, nor toxic.

Blaze Therapeutics is Dedicated to Establishing a 
Responsible Dietary Supplement Industry


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Research & Development of Plant Derived Therapeutics and Nutraceuticals

Blaze Therapeutics supports the therapeutic development process utilizing the pathway towards FDA approval of plant based therapeutics and adjunct therapies for rare diseases. Blaze Therapeutics regularly advises on plant derived nutraceuticals that are being explored for a variety of indications. 


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Responsible Distribution 

Blaze Therapeutics specializes in Responsible Distribution of plant derived products, specifically to the healthcare and nutraceutical sectors. The Responsible Distribution model and the Unbiased Third Party Testing requirements for Cannabis derived products are designed to identify products that have a high therapeutic potential for members of the rare disease, veteran and chronic illness communities and to PREVENT the distribution of products that are contaminated with toxins and/or do not meet label claims.  Learn more about Unbiased Third Party Laboratory Testing.



Cannabis Medicine & Science Certification Programs

It is not enough to Responsibly Distribute Cannabis derived products, like CBD, to the healthcare industry. Industry professionals need to understand the basics behind the Endocannabinoid System and Cannabis medicine to guide patients away from unwanted side effects. Blaze Therapeutics supports professional continuing education courses through the Cannabis medicine and Cannabis science certification programs.

We care about 

improving & protecting


Responsible Distribution

What is responsible distribution?

Responsible Distribution (RD) is a distribution model designed specifically for the needs and concerns of the healthcare industry, with precautions taken to protect consumer health. The RD model requires each product to undergo an evaluation for its' therapeutic potential and label claims for compliance. Once the product is identified as qualifying for Responsible Distribution, each lot of high risk products (i.e. cannabis, spices, honey, etc.) must undergo Unbiased Third Party Testing before being distributed to the market and consumers.

responsible distributioN OF CANNABIS DERIVED PRODUCTS (CBD)


Blaze Therapeutic regularly evaluates a variety of Cannabis derived products, for Responsible Distribution.

Once a product is evaluated and passes initial screening for its' therapeutic potential, it is allowed to enter Blaze Therapeutic's Responsible Distribution facility for Unbiased Third Party Testing.


At the Responsible Distribution facility, a product from each lot of product received is pulled and sent to a certified laboratory to undergo unbiased third party testing. 

What is Unbiased Third Party Testing?


Unbiased third party laboratory tests are paid for by an unbiased third party company. In order for a third party company to be unbiased, the company submitting the product to be tested cannot be a manufacturer or brand owner of the product and must not have any financial interests in the product's brand. 


Blaze Therapeutics is currently the only unbiased 3rd party company that practices Responsible Distribution in the Cannabis industry.

Should the unbiased third party test results show that the lot tested positive for any harmful levels of toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, microbiology, residual solvents, the entire lot is rejected and returned to the manufacturer or brand owner.


Inaccurate CBD concentration label claims are corrected for any product that falls within reasonable limits and have passed all tests for harmful toxins. 

83% of CBD products FAIL Unbiased 3rd Party laboratory testing for high levels of toxins. The most common toxins found are high levels of Lead. - Based on 2019-2020 results



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Once the lot of product passes all unbiased third party tests, the Responsibly Distributed seal is applied to each product within that lot and gets distributed to the healthcare sector (i.e. pharmacies, doctor offices, hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, etc.) located throughout the United States.

As we reach for the sky,

we vow to stay committed to

serving & protecting

the lives that rely on our morality and competence.

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