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Study shows seasoned marijuana enthusiasts lack basic Cannabis "as medicine" knowledge

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

A recent January 2020 study compared Cannabis enthusiasts’ knowledge about the risks and effectiveness of Cannabis in treating medical conditions with existing empirical evidence and found that a majority of marijuana activists are very much misinformed.

A group of researchers from the University at Buffalo put nearly 500 people attending a marijuana advocacy event to the test regarding the accuracy of their Cannabis beliefs. The survey revealed that the majority of participants were not only uniformed but often misinformed regarding the medical capabilities of Cannabis and/or its derivatives.

Dr. Bodkin and Mr. Crowley of Blaze Therapeutics aren't surprised by the results of this study.

As concluded by this study, there are several discrepancies between what Cannabis advocates believe about the plant's risks vs. benefits profile and that of the latest medical findings. This is a serious issue because this disconnect between marijuana (Cannabis) advocacy, policies and the lack of scientific evidence may result in unwanted and potentially life-threatening contraindications or side effects.

While there is a significant amount of clinical evidence suggesting that Cannabis derived medicine has a high therapeutic potential for a variety of conditions, it is vital that people understand how important it is to discuss safely implementing CBD and/or other Cannabis therapeutics into a daily regimen with a qualified physician in an attempt to avoid unwanted contraindications and/or side effects.

Responsibly Distributed Cannabis products is one of the most cost effective ways to make sure that the Cannabis derived product that you are consuming is free of harmful levels of heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, etc., in addition to being labeled accurately with the appropriate phytocannabinoid concentration(s).

Blaze Therapeutics doesn't just Responsibly Distribute holistic products to the healthcare, rare disease and veteran communities. Blaze Therapeutics has developed and implemented educational programs tailored for healthcare providers, bud tenders, CBD shop technicians, and other industry professionals that do not have a background in science. Blaze Therapeutics has also developed and published the 7th Edition of Blaze Lit, a free educational literary guide on Cannabis and an introduction to Responsibly Distributed products.

Blaze Therapeutics is on a mission to improve the public's access to REAL holistic products and to educate:

  • the public on the realities of the Cannabis product market place;

  • healthcare professionals on the science and pharmacology behind the endocannabinoid system and Cannabis medicine, referencing empirical scientific evidence;

  • the manufacturers and brand owners of Cannabis products on producing products that qualify for Responsible Distribution.