There is a lot of misinformation and confusion regarding Cannabis medicine, Cannabis science, and Responsible Distribution and consumption of Cannabis-derived extracts, suspended in oils, tinctures, topicals, vaporization liquid, etc. Blaze Therapeutics has developed several workshops, lectures, and even a social media educational initiative titled

The Debunked Series.  

The following is a list of Blaze Educational Workshops that may be taught at upcoming classes, conferences, expos, grand openings, meetings, etc.


Popular Topics of Presentations & Workshops by Blaze Therapeutics are as follows:

  1. Cannabis Medicine for Healthcare Professionals - customizations are available for specialists​​

  2. Cannabis Medicine for CBD Shop Professionals - grand opening events for the local community are available

  3. Cannabis Science for Non-Scientists - ideal for business consultants, executive manufacturers, and sales force teams

  4. Qualifying for Responsible Distribution to the Healthcare and Nutraceutical Sectors - specifically for brand owners and manufacturers

  5. Cannabis Crash Course for the Concerned Consumer - ideal for any consumer of Cannabis and/or CBD products

  6. Cannabis Pharmacology and Potential Drug Interactions - customizations are available for specialists

  7. How to Establish a Responsible Distribution Business - ideal for all types of distributors of CBD products

Blaze Therapeutics is a Responsible Distribution company serving the healthcare and nutraceutical industries, with a specific focus on protecting public health. With the executive team being members of the rare disease and/or US Veteran communities, both of which have several members that struggle with health conditions that leave them vulnerable and at risk, Blaze Therapeutics is dedicated to providing people with the education necessary to make informed decisions when it comes to responsibly purchasing and consuming Cannabis products on the open market. 


Nadia Bodkin, Pharm.D., M.S. is a seasoned rare disease patient advocate, born with three rare conditions herself. Immediately after graduation, Nadia went straight into patient advocacy through EDSers United, a foundation she founded as a pharmacy student. Dr. Bodkin has held leadership positions at several rare disease advocacy focused organizations assisting in everything between nonprofit corporate management to fundraising strategy development. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer for Blaze Therapeutics and is one of the founding members of New Love Ventures. Dr. Bodkin also facilitates the coordination of the Rare Advocacy Movement (RAM) along with her fellow RAM colleagues. Dr. Bodkin functions on the premise that she is to make the most of the time that she has left on Earth. With this time, Dr. Bodkin is determined to make a difference in the lives of those affected by rare conditions, U.S. Veterans, and other like-minded individuals through advocacy and facilitating collaborations amongst stakeholders that aim to identify solutions that improve quality of life.

Vincent Crowley is a Veteran of the US Army, as well as an advocate and voice for the Veteran and Cannabis communities. He is currently the Senior Vice President for Blaze Therapeutics and a founding member of New Love Ventures. Mr. Crowley, a serial entrepreneur, leads the charge on Blaze Therapeutic's Veteran focus due to his personal connection as a medically retired Veteran and start-up business experience. In between his advocacy work guiding medically retired Veterans through their transition back into civilian life, Mr. Crowley is avidly supporting safe access to cannabis-based therapeutics for your average consumer through the implementation of Responsible Distribution. 

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