There is a lot of misinformation and confusion regarding Cannabis medicine, Cannabis science, and Responsible Distribution and consumption of Cannabis-derived extracts, suspended in oils, tinctures, topicals, vaporization liquid, etc. Blaze Therapeutics has developed several workshops, lectures, and even a social media educational initiative titled

The Debunked Series.  

The following is a list of Blaze Educational Workshops that may be taught at upcoming classes, conferences, expos, grand openings, meetings, etc.


Popular Topics of Presentations & Workshops by Blaze Therapeutics are as follows:

  1. Cannabis Medicine for Healthcare Professionals - customizations are available for specialists​​

  2. Cannabis Medicine for CBD Shop Professionals - grand opening events for the local community are available

  3. Cannabis Science for Non-Scientists - ideal for business consultants, executive manufacturers, and sales force teams

  4. Qualifying for Responsible Distribution to the Healthcare and Nutraceutical Sectors - specifically for brand owners and manufacturers

  5. Cannabis Crash Course for the Concerned Consumer - ideal for any consumer of Cannabis and/or CBD products

  6. Cannabis Pharmacology and Potential Drug Interactions - customizations are available for specialists

  7. How to Establish a Responsible Distribution Business - ideal for all types of distributors of CBD products

Blaze Therapeutics is a Responsible Distribution company serving the healthcare and nutraceutical industries, with a specific focus on protecting public health. With the executive team being members of the rare disease and/or US Veteran communities, Blaze Therapeutics is dedicated to providing community-based people with the education necessary to make informed decisions on how to responsibly purchasing and consuming Cannabis products on the open market. 

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