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Dispensaries, CBD shops, and other Cannabis derived products have hit the U.S. market. Consumers rely heavily on Cannabis shop technicians to learn which products may be best for them. In order to appropriately assist consumers as they attempt to navigate the Cannabis market, one must be properly educated. While the therapeutic potential for phytocannabinoids, like CBD, show extreme promise for a variety of medical regimens, there are also potential contraindications that if not carefully managed, could result in serious medical complications for consumers and legal issues for business owners. 

Blaze Therapeutics is now offering the certification program, Cannabis Medicine for Shop Technicians. 


The certification program: An electronic version of the Cannabis Medicine Guide for Shop Technicians is provided to you for immediate download upon purchase, allowing for review and study at your own pace. A link to complete an online assessment is provided via email, allowing you to complete the assessment when convenient for your schedule. Upon successful completion of the assessment, a certificate of completion and an ID card are generated and delivered via USPS mail. Certification expires 5 years after issue date. 

Blaze Therapeutics exists to implement programs dedicated to protecting public health, placing special attention to members of the public that struggle with health conditions that leave them vulnerable and at risk. Blaze encourages all business professionals and shop technicians interested in incorporating Cannabis into their professional business to become certified in Cannabis Medicine.

Upon successful completion of certification assessment, shop technicians receive:

Qualified Professional ID
8x11 Frameable Certificate of Completion
Wall Cert.png
tech Wallet Certificate Image.png
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