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CBD Dating Debunked

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

In the age of “fake news” and social media, anyone can design an eye catching post designed to intrigue you into clicking a link that either sells your data or guides you to buy something. Social media has become the main source of news and education online. With more than 2.4 billion internet users, nearly 64.5 percent receive information from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram instead of the more reliable traditional sources.

It isn't surprising that most information found on social media appear to be educational but instead are riddled with inaccuracies that contribute to overall misunderstanding and confusion amongst the general public.

Blaze Therapeutics (Blaze) is determined to help you gain clarity on the various Cannabis focused topics and product recommendations that are floating throughout the internet from one social media platform to another.

Starting with a post pulled from Instagram, let's tackle this one first...

Inaccurate Instagram Post

"Finding your perfect CBD product is like dating: There is ton's of crap on the market, some make you feel good, some suck...but once you find the right one, it's happily ever after."

This can't be any further from the truth and is extremely misleading. Based on the results of Blaze's Responsible Distribution model, CBD products have been found to differ significantly from batch to batch. As brands grow and become more popular, some manufacturers of these products have been found to cut corners and minimize the total concentration of CBD in their products in order to increase profits. Additionally, the presence of heavy metals, pesticides/herbicides, and other toxins vary from batch to batch. While one batch of product may pass laboratory testing, another may not.

It is also important to note that CBD degrades as time passes and degrades even faster when exposed to UV light. For this reason, the effectiveness of the product is dependent on how old it is, how UV resistant the packaging is, the temperature at which it has been stored, amongst other things. Lastly, manufacturers are not required to notify anyone if they change their product's formulation. Therefore, just because you found one product that may seem to work for you, that does not mean that the same branded product will have the same effects the next time around.

Given how inaccurate this Instagram post is, we decided to recreate it with a more accurate analogy.

Edited Version of Debunked Post

"Finding your perfect CBD product is like dating someone with multiple personality disorder. One bottle may work for you, but there is no telling which next bottle will end up being either toxic or a waste of money ... If you stick to CBD products that are Responsibly Distributed, it's like dating with a personal body guard by your side at all times -- your protected."

While it may be fun to compare hunting for your perfect CBD product to dating, the process does not have to be so difficult. Unlike with dating where you may never truly know what another human being may be thinking and/or feeling, CBD products can be analyzed for their content by an ISO certified laboratory.

We understand that the average consumer cannot afford to get their CBD products tested, given the average laboratory work up for one product can run upwards from $350 to $400 per product. There is no way any individual consumer can make sure their CBD product is labeled accurately, free of harmful toxins and made with a promising formulation for therapeutic effects.

This is why Blaze Therapeutics exists. Blaze has developed the Responsible Distribution model, a sustainable distribution method ensuring the CBD products being distributed on the open market is labeled accurately and free of harmful toxins.

Purchasing CBD products directly from the manufacturer's of these products is just too risky. In order to ensure CBD product has undergone 3rd party laboratory testing that has passed, it must be purchased by a Responsible Distributor or have been tested by an UNBIASED third party. Blaze Therapeutics is currently the only distributor practicing Responsible Distribution in the Cannabis industry.

Have a Cannabis post you'd like for us to debunk? Send it to us at!

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