Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from Cannabis is a complex molecule that has been shown to offer a high therapeutic potential for a variety of ailments. Unfortunately, there are also potential drug contraindications that, if not carefully managed, could result in serious medical complications. To review which conditions healthcare professionals are currently using CBD to potentially offer relief of symptoms for, click here

Blaze Therapeutics is a Responsible Distribution company primarily serving healthcare professionals, especially those that work within the rare disease and veteran communities.

For those providers that are not interested in participating in the wholesale program that will allow for direct to patient selling in office, providers have the option to register for the Provider Referral Program. Upon acceptance into the Provider Referral Program, the provider will be presented with an opportunity to earn a percentage of revenue per patient order.

Blaze Therapeutics exists to serve and protect the members of the rare disease and US Veteran communities, both of which have several members that struggle with health conditions that leave them vulnerable and at risk. Blaze Therapeutics encourages all healthcare professionals interested in incorporating Cannabis into their practice, to participate in Responsible Distribution.

Register for Provider Referral Program
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