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Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from legal hemp (aka Cannabis with no more than 0.300% delta-9-THC) is a complex molecule that has been shown to offer a high therapeutic potential for a variety of ailments. Unfortunately, there are also potential drug contraindications that, if not carefully managed, could result in serious medical complications. To review which conditions healthcare professionals are currently exploring the use of CBD to relieve, click here

Blaze Therapeutics is a Responsible Distribution and continuing education organization primarily serving healthcare professionals, especially those that work within the rare disease and Veteran communities.

Designed to meet the demands of a busy schedule, an electronic version of the Cannabis Medicine Guide for Healthcare Professionals is provided for immediate download upon purchase, allowing for review and study at one's own pace. A link to complete an online assessment is provided via email, allowing for the completion of the assessment when convenient. Upon successful completion of the certification assessment (a required score of at least 70% correctly answered questions), an 8x11 certificate of completion and an identification (ID) card are generated and delivered via USPS mail to each program participant. Because the study of Cannabis medicine and cannabinoid pharmacology is regularly evolving as new research studies are published, this certification expires 5 years after issue date. 

What you will learn:

  1. The Pharmacology of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) 

  2. The Pharmacology and clinical applications of phytocannabinoids

  3. Summaries of the Clinical Evidence for the Implementation of Cannabis into Medical Practice & Precautions

  4. Cannabis Taxonomy and the difference between Hemp and Marijuana

  5. Appropriately dosing patients with key considerations

Blaze Therapeutics is dedicated to serving and protecting the members of the rare disease and US Veteran communities, both of which have several members that struggle with chronic health conditions that leave people vulnerable and at risk. Blaze Therapeutics encourages all healthcare professionals interested in incorporating Cannabis into their practice, consulting business, educational presentations, etc., to become certified in Cannabis Medicine.

Healthcare professionals that place their first wholesale order for Responsibly Distributed CBD products, will be enrolled in the Cannabis Medicine Certification program automatically, free of charge.

Upon successful completion of the certification assessment, each healthcare professional receives:

Pharm.D.  Wallet Certificate (1).jpeg
Identification Card
Wall Cert.png
Certificate of Completion
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