Cannabis Science


The consumption of Cannabis and Cannabis-derived products, like CBD, has entered the mainstream marketplace. As more and more people integrate Cannabis and/or Cannabis derived products into their daily regimen, it is important that they understand basic Cannabis Science in order to learn about potential risks, current market trends, and how to avoid consuming fraudulent, often toxic, products. 


Additionally, in order to be capable of effectively integrating Cannabis into a business model, business executives and expert consultants must understand the marketplace, the basic science behind Cannabis and its potential effects once introduced to the body. While the therapeutic potential for phytocannabinoids, like CBD, show extreme promise for a variety of medical regimens, it is important to acknowledge the fact that there are also potential contraindications that, if not carefully managed properly, could result in serious medical complications for consumers and potentially serious legal issues for business owners.  

Cannabis Science Education for Non-Scientists is ideal for members of the general public that have not mastered the medical sciences, as well as business professionals seeking to integrate Cannabis and plant-derived products into a daily regimen or into a business model. 

The electronic Cannabis Science Guide for Non-Scientists is provided for immediate download upon purchase of a monthly subscription for at least one Responsibly Distributed CBD product, allowing for review and study at your own pace.

Blaze Therapeutics exists to implement programs dedicated to protecting public health, placing special attention to members of the public that struggle with medically complex conditions that leave them vulnerable and at risk. Blaze encourages all consumers and business executives to become educated in Cannabis Science.

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