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Why rely on the recall process when you can shop Responsibly with Blaze Therapeutics?


AVOID consuming fraudulent products that may be contaminated with harmful TOXINS by shopping Responsibly this year.

Don't willingly consume toxins and pesticides. Protect your body.


Get Responsible.

Is your CBD Responsibly Distributed? Research studies, testing the quality and label accuracy of CBD products derived from hemp, have exposed several CBD brands as being less than honest. 

If your CBD isn't Responsibly Distributed there is no telling what you may be consuming. 


When shopping for CBD products, make sure you know what you are putting into or onto your body. 



Great question! 


Because each product that is Responsibly Distributed undergoes two different types of testing to ensure its quality and therapeutic potential. Most dietary supplements and holistic branded products FAIL at least one of these tests. Most of these products FAIL because they are toxic to human health. Blaze Therapeutics exists to protect you and your loved ones from bad players in the holistic product and dietary supplement industry. Unfortunately, there are more bad players, than good. Don't get fooled by well designed branding, commercials and ads. It's about what is INSIDE the bottle, not what is written on the label.